"Let's Play Tennis!" is a wonderful book for children and parents alike. Author Patricia Egart captures the spirit and joy of the game in a beautifully illustrated book. The book has appeal to players of all ages and manages to teach the game of tennis without being boring. From an instructor's viewpoint, skills are presented in one or two easy to apply steps. So often, instructors get caught up with all the knowledge they possess and almost overwhelm beginning players. Not this author; the book makes readers feel like they can easily learn to play tennis and the joy of the game is much more important than mastery of technique. If I were running a tennis club, this "little" book would be required reading for both parents and kids. It is a book written by an author who really knows kids! A job well done Patricia. Robert PangraziProfessor Emeritus, Arizona State University

"I just watched my seven year old grandson play a match, some doubles and some singles. This is his first year actually playing matches and I was so impressed at his knowledge of the game, and his total enjoyment of it.
After the match I asked him how he knew just what to do. I had given him the book, Lets Play Tennis! a year ago and he told me he had read the book when he started playing this summer and it told him all he needed to know!

Connor said, "The book really helps with the rules of tennis and scoring. It helped me understand and do the strokes. I have been reading it a lot.  I think the other kids could learn from it and it will really help their tennis."

His coach, Chris Premo, at White Bear Lifetime Fitness was there as we talked and decided to order a book for each of the kids in his program.

The book is just excellent; I was so impressed by the easy readability of it for kids and the simple explanations. I was a teacher for 30 years and felt it was very well done. It is at the child's level, but does not talk down to them. I would really recommend it to any parent or coach (or grandparent) who would like their tennis player to have a great handbook for the sport."Carol Chervany, New Brighton, MN, retired elementary school teacher, Tennis Grandma, tennis player
and Connor Chervany, age seven, North Oaks, MN

Patty Egart has come up with just the right formula — not too much information and not too little — for introducing tennis to very young players. Now kids and their parents have a guide for equipment, rules, and fundamentals that is easy to read, colorful, and fun. Those who teach tennis, those who want their children to play, and tennis organizations would make a wise investment by getting their players started with Let’s Play Tennis 
Jim Brown – Author
Tennis: Steps to Success, and Sports Talent: How to Identify and Develop Outstanding Athletes

Very well written and illustrated chilren's tennis book. Your book is a must for young players and parents to learn to love the game. It paints a clear pathway to understanding tennis and should lead to a life time of tennis for many new players to the game.  Thank you for allowing me to preview your work. Congratulations, you must be quite proud of the work you have given us.  Ken DeHart, 

PTR & USPTA Master Professional

Director of Tennis at the San Jose Swim & Racquet Club

Kids love bedtime stories and there are nearly a million tennis-playing families in the U.S. alone. Read short sections of Patty Egart's book to your kids and plant seeds of love for tennis at an early age.  Joe Dinoffer, President,  Oncourt Offcourt

This is a great tool for parents who have a family member starting the great sport of tennis. The information that is contained within Andy’s story is invaluable for those who are beginning their journey in tennis and those who would like to support them in their adventure. Teaching pros and organizers at all levels would be wise to provide this fun and educational material to their students. – Brian McCoy, USPTA, Head Tennis Professional, Life Time Fitness Fridley, MN

As Andy Ace says, “Tennis is a lifetime sport” and Patty has done a beautiful job of explaining the game of tennis to players of all ages.  By creating fun characters that children can relate to and explaining the game through their experiences, this book will inspire future tennis players.  The beautiful and brightly illustrated pictures and “talking bubbles” add fun and character to this book!  I wish we had a children's tennis book like this to read when our children asked us if they could play that game with a racket and tennis ball!! ~ SUSAN JOHNSON, First grade teacher and tennis mom of three, Andover, MN

Tennis is one of the few sports that can be truly considered a family activity.  As parents struggle to find ways to keep the family unit together, tennis can be a perfect solution.  Unfortunately, parents with limited exposure to tennis can shy away from the notion that they can get their kids started in tennis the RIGHT way.  Let's Play Tennis! A Guide for Parents and Kids is the perfect resource to help parents help their kids.  This book offers a unique blend of easy reading, kid focused illustrations and tangible technical advice to make tennis easy to learn and fun to play.
- Mike Goldammer, Executive Director, USTA Northern 

Let’s Play Tennis is a fabulous book. Every beginning tennis player, adult and child, needs a copy of this in their racquet bag.  Patty explains things beautifully! – SUSAN ALLEN, USPTA, Tennis Professional, Lifetime Fitness Eden Prairie, MN

I am delighted that your book will arrive soon.  I am the instigator of our youth tennis programs.  We are currently conducting free clinics to develop parks & rec programs and JTT teams.  These booklets will be great handouts for the novice parents.  I wanted to tell you that I am particularly pleased that you encourage parents to play tennis with their kids.  I try to make this point with parents during the clinics for their kids, and it is nice to have this reinforcement.  Also, thank you for the tutorial on clothing.  Very good points about proper shoes.You have made my job much easier.  Thanks.
Robert M. Edwards ~ Vice President, Community Relations, Western Wake Tennis Association
Patty, these drawings are fabulous!  The proportions and actions are perfect….right down to being able to see the weight distribution and balance of a stance or swing.  Great job…wow.
Jason Andrea - Artist, ARAA Parent

We have been reading the booklet!  Morgan is getting a lot out of it.  Michelle R. -  ARAA Parent 

We love the book and it was very helpful. I think it is good for the kids to have something in writing they can refer to and realize it is valid instead of someone just telling them what to do.
  Beth T.- ARAA Parent

Jordan enjoyed the Spring Tennis program and also liked  the book.  It was easy for her to follow and read.  I also felt that it was well done and easy to follow. Deb K., ARAA Parent


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