Bulk Orders
We welcome orders from USTA sections, community tennis associations, National Junior Tennis Leagues, park and recreation departments, youth athletic associations and tennis clubs.  Let's Play Tennis is an excellent resource for both players and parents.  Send an email to andy@andyacetennis.com or contact us through the contact form on the website for information on discounts for bulk orders and to place orders.

"I am delighted that your book will arrive soon.  I am the instigator of our youth tennis programs.  We are currently conducting free clinics to develop parks & rec programs and JTT teams.  These booklets will be great handouts for the novice parents.  I wanted to tell you that I am particularly pleased that you encourage parents to play tennis with their kids.  I try to make this point with parents during the clinics for their kids, and it is nice to have this reinforcement.  Also, thank you for the tutorial on clothing.  Very good points about proper shoes.You have made my job much easier.  Thanks."
Robert M. Edwards ~ Vice President, Community Relations, Western Wake Tennis Association

Suggestions for Using LET’S PLAY TENNIS! A Guide for Parents and Kids by Andy Ace to Enhance Your Programs:

  • · Include the book as a program benefit for participants of your QuickStart and beginning tennis lessons!
  •        Use the book in tennis programs that offer a reading and/or educational component.
  •        *Require one parent to participate in the very first tennis session.  Give them the book and encourage the parent to play tennis once a week with their child. The book provides them with fun activities they can do together.  Parents will understand what the child is learning and will start playing tennis, too!  FACT: If a child has tennis playing family members, they are more likely to keep playing tennis!
  •       Give each child the book as an award at the last program session.
  •       Use the book for prizes at a tennis carnival, festival or QuickStart Jamboree.
  •       Give each new club member a book along with a listing of upcoming tennis programs and leagues.  FACT:  Fitness clubs retain their tennis playing members at a greater rate than fitness only members!
  •       Programs can use the book as a fundraiser and sell at their tournaments.
  •       Make the book available in your after-school program library.
  •      Clubs and pro shops can sell the book and use the book as an added value item included with the purchase of a new racquet, a children’s tennis outfit, etc.

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